Military Platinum Unlimited

Blue Wave Car Wash is happy to announce our new military discount

Our Military Platinum Unlimited car wash is 20% off the original price. Each Military Platinum Unlimited car wash member will receive 20% off of any detailing service.

Happy African American Male Soldier Embracing Family Outside Home With Usa Flag, Copy Space. Expression, Togetherness, Military, Army, Protection, Duty, Patriotism And Nationality, Unaltered.

At Blue Wash Car Wash our Military personnel holds a special place in our hearts. We appreciate their dedication, commitment and sacrifice. We hope you enjoy the discount and lets us know if we can do anything to serve you better.

Thank you for your service from our family at Blue Wave Car Wash.

Special Forces Soldier In Camouflage, Fist Bump And Send Energy
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Portrait Of Special Forces Soldier In Glasses And Helmet Against Us National Flag
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